Skip & Jump is a blog & vlog about creating and experiencing moments in life that stay with you. That are unforgettable.

This sounds like a REALLY bad advert but it’s true. Hear me out.

I’ve spent most of my life either blogging work, photographing my trips, my family and making films of our travels with no direction and no real purpose.

That is until I was asked why I do it?

Recently we sadly lost a family member and at their wake, laid out a selection of things/items/photos from their house. They were carefully curated and each spelled out and built a larger picture of who they were, what life they had led, the things they liked, what they cared about, how they lived.

These collected items, the smaller things, a volunteer pin badge, an origami crane or a half finished sketch were really illustrative and it was the photographs documenting moments candidly that gave clarity and defined the life that had been left. It was wonderful to look through, triggering memories, recalling moments. A beautiful visual legacy left behind for our family to treasure. 

In the past few years my family and I have really upped our game in terms of “doing more”. Doing more can cost a lot of money though and we’ve turned to our initially small love of walking/hiking, travelling and being outside as a wonderful, low cost way of creating more moments. More moments that I’ll remember, more moments that the family will remember. In turn we found ourselves falling more and more in love with living life for moments, experiences and each other.

The wake made me realise that the enjoyment I get from documenting experiences and sharing our lifestyle was worthwhile and had value. I’d love for my family to be able to go through and see what we have done, how we lived our life. I’d love for them to see video of it, see photos of it. I already love looking back on our films a year or two later. A visual legacy of our own.

A wonderful side of Skip and Jump is that in sharing it, we hope to inspire other like minded folks into embarking on their own quests to “do more” and realise the multitude of benefits too. We hope to encourage people to document moments and keep them forever. We want to explore how to make life simpler and easier so there’s more time for doing the things we want to do. It’s been so rewarding to see folks email and thank us for recommending a place or trying a new walk, even to try filming their own adventures and taking more pictures. We’ve met some amazing “internet people” (they’re not weird!) and are learning and sharing ideas and experiences together.

Do more, make memories and record the moments.

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