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Family Walk in the Carneddau, Snowdonia

May 24, 2017

We found an awesome family walk in the Carneddau, Snowdonia. It’s appealing because it’s kind of our side of the Snowdonia range, close to the A55 and near Aber Falls too (which is a pretty awesome family walk / back up plan if the weather goes bad).



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“I think I’ve grossly underestimated this walk”, the words I’m thinking to myself as we go up our final ‘peak’. Welcome to the Carneddau.

We headed back into the hills of Snowdonia looking for a little bit more in terms of views but still relatively easy going for the kids (I MEAN ME AND MY UNFIT BODY). We have already visited Aber Falls this year but this time we drove just past it and found a quiet, SMALL car park at the base of Foel-ganol. We were welcomed by blazing sunshine and blue skies as we started the gradual ascent round the back of Foel-ganol.


The path is really easy going and a touch gravelly in places. It’s easy to follow and we followed it upto the standing stones junction. From there we headed directly up the ridge to our right Drosgl.


Sarah, as usual, took Finn up on her back in theΒ awesome kid carrier by Tula. TheΒ TulaΒ is pretty rad but Finn always complains that his legs are too wide when he’s on my back (I know), so Sarah is and has been designated packhorse for an age now. At this point he’d actually fallen fast asleep. πŸ˜€


Once up on the ridge it was pretty breezy but we had lunch just out of the wind with spectacular views over the Menai Straits and Anglesey.


From there we headed straight up to the top of Carnedd y Ddelw (688m) Β and down and back up Pen Bryn-Du. Again amazing views over into Snowdonia and over into Anglesey.


It really is exactly what we were after in terms of views and physical exertion. At least that’s what I thought until we came down Pen Bryn-du and back up AGAIN to Foel Ganol. I was pretty shattered by the time we got to Foel-ganol. The kids at this point are both running up the hills and around. It’s pretty amazing to see the little dudes playing with such an epic vista behind them.


We were rewarded spectacularly. Not just by the views, but we stumbled across a herd of wild Carneddau ponies. These ponies are the only true wild ponies in the UK. The ponies were saved from a mass cull by Henry VIII over 400 years ago after he declared they must be destroyed, as they couldn’t carry a knight in full armour.


To finish the walk we headed down the side of Foel-ganol down the heather clad side, it was pretty daft to be honest, we should of back tracked and gone down the grass bank. The kids loved rolling through the springy fauna regardless πŸ˜€


This is a great walk, definitely a day out if you’re going with the kids. A wonderful mix of moderate walking with brilliant views. There are lots and lots of routes around this area and the amazingΒ Aber FallsΒ too. Be sure to check out theΒ vlogΒ above and subscribe, drop us a comment about it over on YouTube.

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