Disconnect to Reconnect

July 5, 2018

Hello, sorry it’s been so long. Let’s have a little catch up. It’s July!? How did that happen?! It was April when I recorded the last vlog and it’s only just gone live. I wasn’t sure if I should still put it out, it was AGES ago!? However I think there’s some value in the trip for everyone (super cheap, easy alternative to camping out of season). If you’ve not seen it, it’s right here.

This is the thing, it’s real quick to become overwhelmed with making these videos. I think it’s because I shoot them on so many different cameras and its real quick to lose track of which camera the story continues on. Then there’s trying to get a 4 day trip into a 10 min video. Picking the tunes etc. I’m still new to making vlogs, to editing, to uploading to YouTube. Everytime I feel like I learn and get better though. It’s satisfying. Continue Reading…

Walks with Kids

Easy Family Walk around The Fairy Glen, North Wales.

April 30, 2018

An easy family walk around The Fairy Glen, North Wales. This is a walk you’ll want to bookmark for when you haven’t quite got the energy or impetus for something big but still want a great little short walk that the kids can do too.

Bit slow on posting this as things are a little hectic at the moment round here with work, family commitments, kids parties and my fingers in too many community events (I need to minimise my life big time).

We had a rough few days with Finn and his asthma not so long ago. He was stuck in hospital for a few hours and under home care for a day or two after but he came out all well (if a little grumpy and on a steroid comedown!).

We had planned to take on the much loved Moel Siabod but it looks like it’s going to be a bit of a slog so decided to skip it whilst Finn gets back on his feet. Continue Reading…


Taking the Kids up Tryfan, Snowdonia – SUCCESS

April 2, 2018

Our second attempt at taking the kids up Tryfan, Snowdonia, after our first was an exercise in learning how to turn back by snow, ice and a much more challenging walk than we anticipated in February.

This time accompanied by our pals again and one other little scamp to add to the mix we left our lay-by at the foot of Tryfan around 10am. This time conditions were much much better, though the ground in the low levels was super boggy. The kids were plastered in water proof trousers and big boots and instructions to absolutely not get their feet wet before we’d even started the ascent. Wet feet almost always signal the end of a walk for us! Continue Reading…

Walks, Walks with Kids

Taking the kids up Tryfan, Snowdonia – FAILED

March 21, 2018

We’d pencilled in a trip with our wonderful friend Andy, along with his little’un on Saturday to go into Snowdonia and do a walk. Friday night came and we still didn’t know which peak we were going to walk up. Desperately trying to find a balance of something easy enough for the kids, but something with enough peril to entertain Sarah. We eventually decided, after nearly getting divorced, that we would try taking the kids up Tryfan, Snowdonia.

Tryfan is a challenging mountain and one that claims the lives of people every year but we all agreed on Tryfan South Ridge, via the Heather Terrace, which apparently is the easier way up the mighty Tryfan in North Wales.
It’s February still, so we were super wrapped up. There’s still a fair bit of compacted snow and ice around though, making conditions pretty sketchy in places. 
We battled up some on the initial North Ridge and after a minor de-tour to avoid some ice got onto the Heather Terrace which navigates the west side of the mountain. Continue Reading…


Creating a Family Archive – Do More Stuff, Take More Photos

March 15, 2018

I’ve been battling with writing the dreaded “About” section of the site. I’ve written a few things, a few explanations but none of them really felt right y’know? It wasn’t until recently though, after sadly attending a family funeral where things have really started to make sense.  Here’s my new “About”. Let me know what you think over on Twitter.

Skip & Jump is a blog & vlog about creating and experiencing moments in life that stay with you. That are unforgettable.

This sounds like a REALLY bad advert but it’s true. Hear me out.

I’ve spent most of my life either blogging work, photographing my trips, my family and making films of our travels with no direction and no real purpose. Continue Reading…

Days Out

Cooking Pancakes in the Woods on a Trangia or Alcohol Stove

February 15, 2018

Trangia have been around forever and for good reason. Get outside and cook on one with the kids. 

It sounds so simple, get your food, get a cooker, get fuel and go and cook it outside. It is that simple too and you can involve the kids at every step of the way to make a simple cook out a really memorable moment for the whole family. We recently ventured in the woods with the kids and cooked pancakes on a Trangia to celebrate Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Day here in the UK. It wasn’t totally what we planned but you’ll have to check out the video to see what happened 😀

Full guide below the vlog!

 First up, you’ll need a few things….

Continue Reading…