A Big Walk

I come to you with a special announcement and a special request.

In October I’ll be embarking on a solo 10 day (approx) hike around the coast of Anglesey. 200km in roughly 10 days (I’m still not sure exactly how fast or rather slow that I walk). Along the way I’ll be camping, either at campsites or wild camping along the coast, carrying all my own food and camp equipment.

I’ve never done anything like this before, I’ve never wild camped solo before and I’ve never done a multi-day hike. I’ve never walked anywhere near the 15-20 miles per day that I need to do and I have just over a month to prepare and train for it.

Here’s where you come in. I’m looking to raise £500 for the charity, Mind. Mind provide life-saving advice and support to people of all ages, young and old suffering with a mental health issue across the UK (Read a bit about their impact, it’s remarkable) I’m looking for lovely folks like yourselves to sponsor and support me on this inevitably painful, blister filled, muscle aching, joint throbbing expedition around the rugged coastline of Anglesey.

Please visit my JustGiving page to donate direct. It’s the easiest of the donation sites, takes 1 minute tops. 

I’ll be making a film of the trip, covering all the run up, the pre-hikes and preparations. I’ll be vlogging and Instagramming in prep and whilst out there too so you’ll be able to see exactly how terrible I’m doing and send me supportive messages along the way.  😉 All of this will be available through Skip & Jump website, Instagram and Facebook page. You can also help me by helping me get some kit together. The wonderful folks at Vango have stepped up and lent me some fantastic gear to start with but there’s a few holes I need fill. I have nothing lightweight, nothing designed for an expedition so I’m trying to pull bits together from all over. If you want to buy me a cruddy camp meal or help me buy a fresh water filter there’s an Amazon wish list here. My kit is going to our local cub pack afterwards for re-use.

I’m concerned. I’m concerned about my body, my feet, whether I can carry this much stuff for so long, I’m concerned about getting murdered in the middle of the night, I’m concerned I’ll go crazy and start talking to myself being on my own for a week. My real anxiety triggering worries are that I get homesick REAL bad (even though I’m not even that far away!) and I’m concerned that I’m going to miss a big shoot / job offer half way though! The downside of freelancing! So please, help me make this worthwhile.

Lets raise some cash for Mind, a charity close to my heart.
Lets raise some cash, together.