Early season camping at Platts Farm, North Wales

June 24, 2016

It’s still out of season, April is still pretty chilly and the weather is all over the place. We wanted a early season campsite that would give us a place to shelter if the weather turned grim. We found that Platt’s Farm ticked the boxes we wanted. Big under cover area and not too far from us. Perfect for some colder camping.

When did we go?

24th/25th April 2015

Who can pitch there?

11 Tent Pitches over two fields. 7 in the Coed Field and 4 in the Afon Field. There’s also a camper van pitch or two. There’s also a bunkhouse that sleeps 10. We didn’t go in, but it looks pretty good. Especially if you’ve got a large group looking for a base in Wales for a few days.

How much does it cost?

Adults: £8

Children (3-16): £5

Dogs: £1

Electric Hook Up: £4

Fire basket, logs, kindling, firelighters: £7.50

Cooker Hire: £10

You can check out their price list here.

Can we have a campfire?

Yep, using your own off the ground fire pit or hire one from the site. Logs are available on site too.

Can we have a BBQ?


Can we take our dog?

Yep, £1 a night 🙂



We arrived late Friday and had no problem driving on in and getting setup. We were pretty much the only people on the site, bar a campervan on the next field. We were given 3 pitches on the Afon field (to the right as you go in). On the field is also an enormous covered barn, two of the sides are open, but it was sheltered from the wind. The barn is lit and has a few picnic benches for cooking and eating at. We knocked on the farmhouse (reception was closed) and met Sam who sold us a few bags of wood, kindling and firelighters. We hired a fire basket too and set it up in the barn. We hung out in the barn most of the evening, sheltering from some wind and rain. The barn really is great, nice high roof meaning you can cook, have a bbq, firepit “inside”.

In the morning we had a walk around the site, there’s a walled garden that has some great history behind it. Sam the owner will gladly tell you all about it. The kids had a run around there whilst we washed up. Showers are super clean and hot. There is a large under cover washing area to do the pans and plates alongside a drinking water tap. Hot running water too, I can’t believe that elsewhere there are campsites that DON’T provide hot water for washing. Amazingly there are fresh eggs both chicken and duck next to an honesty box at reception. I’ve never had a duck egg before and it was ace!


The weather was pretty grim but we had a 3rd birthday party in one of the barns for one of our little ladies, complete with balloons and cake! The site is right in the middle of a small village so there’s a few shops, chippies and pubs nearby if you need them. The seafront is only 10 mins or so walk away too, though we didn’t get down to it. A Duke of Edinburgh team turned up on Saturday evening and took up most of the other field but they didn’t once bother us and were all fast asleep by 10pm. Bless ’em. They used the 2nd big barn to dry all their kit, the barns rescue the day again.


Sunday arrived and the with it the weather, glowing sunshine always arrives on the day you’ve got to leave doesn’t it? The kids played with the frisbees whilst we supped coffee and warmed up in the sun. The place is pretty much enclosed so letting the kids roam was great. They marched off into a small wooded area for a good hour just playing with sticks. The tents dried off and we slowly packed everything up. We had not seen the chickens or ducks whilst there and the kids were a little puzzled as to why. The owner then magically turned up with one of her trusty hens to sit and have a stroke with everyone, a really nice little touch and we’re really thankful for it, the kids loved it.


Overall, a great little place, especially for an out of season / possible rainy camp. The barns are the absolute seller of this place. They really do give you a good option of hanging out together (especially if you’re camping with a group like we were) even whilst the weather is terrible. The bunkhouse and fields can be hired exclusively too making it a good option for large groups/organisations. I think the pitches are pretty close together, so I’d recommend going with a few friends and booking pitches next to each other.


I wish it’d of been nicer so we could of checked out the beach and a bit more of the surrounding area so maybe we’ll head back towards the end of this season again. Good stuff Platts, looking forward to the return trip 🙂

(PS. The scaffolding in the pictures is temporary restorative works taking place, didn’t affect our stay at all)


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