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Strawberry picking at Claremont Farm, Wirral

June 27, 2017

I’ve been planning out all the various blogs and vlogs that we’ve got lined up over the summer this past week or two. Lots of things to share, ideas, trips, reviews etc However, an unexpected last minute trip out to Claremont Farm to go strawberry picking has shoved everything on the back burner.

Despite feeling a bit ropey this past few days, I even felt hungover despite not drinking (booooo!) Sarah suggested we goto Claremont Farm. I have, for one reason or another, never actually been strawberry picking before. Ever.

I was honestly a bit mixed about it, felt rubbish, couldn’t really be doing with dealing with too much but this place was like a cure for all ails.

The whole process from waltzing in, picking up a basket, to just simply trundling down the straw lined lanes across the field was brilliant and made me feel tons better.

It was great to just wander with my camera alone, a 35mm lens and that’s it, no drones, no video, no lighting, no audio. Just back to the basics, shooting a photo story. Made me realise that photo stories flow more naturally and easier when its something I’m really into.

We wandered and chatted, occasionally picking the odd one for ourselves (sorry folks!) and the rest for the basket. A couple of bonus raspberries and we paid up and went home to stuff our faces with meringues, squirty cream and the fruits of our labour (literally).

Highly recommended for the mind and body.

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