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Taking the kids up Tryfan, Snowdonia – FAILED

March 21, 2018

We’d pencilled in a trip with our wonderful friend Andy, along with his little’un on Saturday to go into Snowdonia and do a walk. Friday night came and we still didn’t know which peak we were going to walk up. Desperately trying to find a balance of something easy enough for the kids, but something with enough peril to entertain Sarah. We eventually decided, after nearly getting divorced, that we would try taking the kids up Tryfan, Snowdonia.

Tryfan is a challenging mountain and one that claims the lives of people every year but we all agreed on Tryfan South Ridge, via the Heather Terrace, which apparently is the easier way up the mighty Tryfan in North Wales.
It’s February still, so we were super wrapped up. There’s still a fair bit of compacted snow and ice around though, making conditions pretty sketchy in places. 
We battled up some on the initial North Ridge and after a minor de-tour to avoid some ice got onto the Heather Terrace which navigates the west side of the mountain.

Tryfan in Snowdonia with kids
Sarah again was taking Finn on her back in our kid carrier. No easy feat over such rocky, bouldery terrain. We got just over half way along when we were stuck in our tracks by some perilous ice and snow that had run from one of the gullies higher up. If we’d of messed up crossing this it would of almost certaintly seen us at the bottom of Tryfan in a bloody broken mess. We were much slower going up than expected too. It’s easy to forget sometimes that walking with kids can double or even triple the time it takes to get anywhere. We decided to stop and have lunch and I shot some aerial footage/stills using our DJI Mavic Pro.

Looking West from Tryfan, Snowdonia   
The Mavic behaved a little weirdly on this trip. Even after calibrating it on the side of the mountain (it’s not fun turning round in circles on that skinny path) it tried to lurch away from me a few times whilst hand launching and then once it was up kept springing up electromagnetic interference warnings which I’ve never seen before on my Mavic Pro. I think generally I get errors from the Mavic whenever I don’t launch from the recommended flat surface, so if you’ve got a drone try and always avoid hand take offs to avoid malfunctions (and removing your fingers ;))
I managed to get it back after shooting some videos and taking some pics. Landing it on the nearest, flattest space I could find and narrowly avoiding taking the propellers off. I didn’t take my big Canon 5D up this time instead taking the little Canon G7X up (we vlog with it) and it performed really well actually. Lightweight is definitely rivaling quality/lenses for me at the moment.
The view west of Tryfan in Snowdonia
All good. Got home. Imported photos. Went to import videos from drone and the memory card can’t be read from either my laptop or my main editing machine.


I managed to recover the files with the amazing Photorec (there’s a vid on that coming soon too) but still some of the video files were corrupt. Anyway, long story short I discovered this amazing website. It lets you import a reference video from the same camera (so I uploaded a drone video from last weekend) and then allows you to upload the video with the error and it will fix it for you.


Sure it enough it worked. Well it worked well enough to be usable here. So yeah. If you need to recover a .mov off your drone. Try this place.

We didn’t make it to the top, we didn’t actually make anywhere near it turns out but it’s important to know when to turn back and analyse the risk of going further especially when you’re leading your little gang with you. It would of still taken us a long time to get up there and with the the increasing chances of conditions being worse at the higher altitudes.

It’s better to be able to try again another day than not be able at all.

Can’t wait to conquer it in the spring via a different route.

– Please note, take all routes at your own pace. No route up Tryfan is easy.

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