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The Queens Parlour & Bloody Bones Caves, Cheshire

October 1, 2016

The Sandstone Trail is a an absolute gold mine of great easy going walks around northern Cheshire. We previously headed up Bickerton Hill and found the elusive Mad Allen’s Hole. Rawhead and it’s two hollows The Bloody Bones cave and The Queens Parlour cave are across a small valley from Bickerton.

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Where we parked: CH3 9LG – Its on New Lane, just pull over where you can find space. There’s only room for 6 cars on the verge I think.

No car park for this one instead we found a footpath up to the top of Rawhead that started from a road in Harthill.

See the map for the location. There is only really space for 3 cars so you may need to park down the road if it’s full.

The path ascends steeply but E and F found it easy going. There’s a sign on the left that blocks a muddied track that scrambles up. It says “No Access to Caves”. We carried on to the right of it along the proper path. It’s weaves it’s way through forest and up on to the Sandstone Trail ridge. We had no GPS for this just a few words we’d found online so it made finding it pretty tough.


Once we hit the top we went left and headed kind of back on ourselves but along the ridge. Our gut told us this was the right way, but no matter how many times we ducked off the path to check if the caves were buried I’m the ridge below us we simply couldn’t find them. We asked several people along the way whether they knew the location of The Queens Parlour (the two caves are separate from each other on Rawhead) but absolutely no one had heard of it which was a bit mad considering its a multiple chambered cave system.

Data signal was rubbish up there so I was getting increasingly frustrated by not being able to find it, not bringing an actual map and compass with me and it also be lunch time (the hanger is real!) so we turned round and headed for the top of Rawhead and the Bloody Bones for lunch.


The trig point is right on the path so finding it is super simple. This is also the highest point on the entire of the Sandstone Trail. The Bloody Bones cave is just off the edge of the trig point view. You can see the entrance from the point. There’s a path that lead down into it. It’s a nice little cave with a few smaller rooms round the right. I think this is a spot for campers although sleeping in that damp place wouldn’t be my first choice at all.

Back up top we decided we would head back towards the beginning of our walk. The muddied Trail with the sign blocking it seemed our only option so we did. It’s a bit of a scramble but at the top, low and behold, The Queens Parlour.


Inside are three separate chambers, I won’t spoil anything else but it’s really fun to explore. Torches are an absolute must too, there’s a few steps down so watch your footing. (This is my absolute favourite torch at the moment too)


Other people started appearing whilst we were there and to our surprise they were coming down off the top path that we had been on. The exact point where we turned back earlier! Gutted. So yes, you can access from the easier top path as well as the really steep muddied trail.

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